Our Pho-losophy

At Pho Hoa, our passion is simple: to make healthy Vietnamese pho noodle soup offering the same robust flavors and aromas of traditional pho. That's why we've revolutionized the way pho is made; using top-grade meats to create a healthier soup broth that's lower in calories and cholesterol. Our signature broth is paired with fresh locally sourced produce, high quality ingredients and spices to produce the perfect bowl of pho. You may combine our delicious world famous healthy broth with your choice of quality meats, vegetables and herbs. From vegetarian items to our signature pho, our extensive menu offers a variety of options for everbody. Pho Hoa is the Health Conscious Choice.

Pho- Noodle Soup

There will be a selection of condiments on your table, including basil, beansprouts and hoisin, a sweet bean paste. Flavour the soup by adding herbs and vegetables directly into the broth. Chili peppers are also available either break them up in your spoon or, if you're courageoous, throw the whole chili in. Then squeeze a wedge of lemon into the soup. On the side, prepare a dipping bowl of the sauce of your choice. SOme just choose hot sauce or just hoisin, some mix the two together. With chopsticks, select portions of the meat, dip in the sauce and eat. Now onto the noodles, each person has their own special way of eating it. Enjoy your bowl of pho!

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